Carbon Fiber 6.0oz 3k 50″ Width


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Full Material Description:6.0oz/sq yd 2×2 Twill Weave 50″ Width.

What it means: 6.0oz cloth is an intermediate weight cloth that works best with thin resins and epoxies.  This weave is the most common Auto industry carbon material. Twill weaves are highly conformable material which take complex shapes well, but are prone to deforming during the layup process. Twill weaves orient their strength more down the length than across the width of the cloth.

How we sell: Purchase by the linear yard. This is raw, dry form, material. Product will be received in continuous lengths of 50″ width material.

1-5 yds, $26.00/yd; 6-10yds, $25.75/yd; 10-19yds, $25.50; 20+yds, $25.00/yd

Need a custom length: Go to our “Request a Quote” page and we will get back to you right away. Custom cuts are $0.50/yd above the standard price for the length.

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Weight 8.5 oz
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 3.5 in

1, 5, 10