12/12/2020 – What a great start! thanks for all the recent support. Based on the early performance we are going to be making some changes. Keep an eye out for some new features on the site between now and 2021. Keep the feedback coming.

12/1/2020 – We are open! Its great to welcome you to Project Fiber where we make composites easy. Let us know if there is anything you need not currently available in the store. We can certainly help. 

11/11/2020 – It’s official, the store opens 12/1/2020. We continue to work to provide more content in the store! Let us know what you want next!

10/1/2020 – We are working on bringing more items to the store. We will soon be turning on our payment methods. The workshop is ready to start accepting work. A few additional logistical items need to be put in place to make sure shipments can arrive without issue.